Chuck Norris Did What?!?!

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Texas Supreme Court candidate Rick Green appreciated our previous video and asked us again if we could make a promotional video for his campaign. We capitalized on his recent endorsement from Chuck Norris and took our best shot at creating a viral video.

[rb_list type=”arrow2″][rb_list_item]Shot on a Canon XL2[/rb_list_item][rb_list_item]Edited in Adobe Premiere CS3, Adobe After Effects CS2, and Macromedia Flash MX 2004[/rb_list_item][rb_list_item]Produced in February 2010[/rb_list_item][rb_list_item]Made in 7 days[/rb_list_item][/rb_list]

Our Role
[rb_list type=”arrow2″][rb_list_item]Co-Producer[/rb_list_item][rb_list_item]Co-Director[/rb_list_item][rb_list_item]Acting[/rb_list_item][rb_list_item]Zany Humor[/rb_list_item][/rb_list]

In Association With
[rb_list type=”arrow2″][rb_list_item]Alex Lerma of Light Studios[/rb_list_item][/rb_list]

Fun Fact
[rb_list type=”arrow2″][rb_list_item]While the video didn’t go viral it eventually reached the hands of Joseph Farah of World Net Daily and Chuck Norris himself.[/rb_list_item][/rb_list]

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