Roses is a joint venture between Imagivation and Light Studios. “Roses” is an original short film that shares a glimpse into the life of a young girl, Jessica, who has recently been blinded through a freak stroke. She meets an older stranger, Kevin, who carries an unexpected secret of his own.

The film stars Rachel Hendrix, lead actress from “October Baby”, and GregoryAlan Williams, from “Remember the Titans”. The majority of the film’s budget was raised through a Kickstarter Campaign in August 2013.

[rb_list type=”arrow2″][rb_list_item]9 months of story development[/rb_list_item][rb_list_item]Filmed in October 2013[/rb_list_item][rb_list_item]30 crew members[/rb_list_item][rb_list_item]Expected release in Spring 2014[/rb_list_item][/rb_list]

Our Role
[rb_list type=”arrow2″][rb_list_item]Producer[/rb_list_item][rb_list_item]Marketing[/rb_list_item][rb_list_item]Fundraising[/rb_list_item][rb_list_item]Story Development[/rb_list_item][/rb_list]

In Association With
[rb_list type=”arrow2″][rb_list_item]Alex Lerma of Light Studios[/rb_list_item][/rb_list]

Fun Fact
[rb_list type=”arrow2″][rb_list_item]We had a stellar behind-the-scenes team that documented our principal production that can be watched here.[/rb_list_item][/rb_list]

[rb_list type=”arrow2″][rb_list_item][/rb_list_item][/rb_list]

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